About Roberta Staat

  Roberta Staat

I am a Mid-West native born in 1947 in Bloomington, Indiana. Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts. Dad was an Army Air Corp Veteran of WWll Mom finished training as a registered nurse. Dad attended Valporsasio University and received his BS in biochemestry and had hopes of having his own lab. His dream took the family on roller coaster ride.  Through the yearsI lived at home, the family lived in 4 different states; Indiana, 1 move; Illinois, 2 moves; Wisconsin, 3 moves; Missouri, 2 moves. We were not a wealthy family in terms of money. but life was alwaysfull of love and adventure. Needless to say schooling was difficult. Art and music were the universal languages that kept me in survival mode in school during a gypsy life. The years were filled with a series of piano and flute lessons, singing in school and the Lutheran Church services, playing in school bands, taking every opportunity to learn hands on and engage in group activities.. Fearsly independant and a bit of a tomboy, I spent time outside climbing trees, riding my two wheeler, sidewalk roller skating and digging in my flower garden. The first time I smelled oil paint was when I painted alongside Dad, as he enjoyed paint by number sets. That first smell of oil paint is still an indelible memory. It was around year 8 or 9.

Roberta can be contacted at rmstaat@verizon.net