2016 Year End Review

2016 Year End Review

Sometimes life take It's toll on plans. Keeping the balance between Painting, family an communtiy felt like walking on ice, not really knowing how thick the ice is. 
Time slows down.Winter - long dark days.

January - reflect on last year, look at options for the new year, renew commitmtnts to organizations, take out my calander and start planning. It is an exciting time full of hope and anticipation.Clean studio - this includes going through inventory and decidng what to keep, what to cut up for my Remnants Project, what to scrape down, and preparing surfaces for new work. Then there are revisions on Staatworks to be made a well as inventory checks. 

February -I Participated in Chadds Ford Winter Paint Out, sponsored by the Chadds Ford Historical Society in Chadds Ford , PA


March -Commission

  •    Thank you Lois and George Leigh. It looks like home over your fireplace.

April, May - "Boat Show" - Gallery 322 - Members Group Show

June, July, August, September - My Brother asked me to be tested for a bone marrow donor match. He has cancer. I was a 98% match . I spent time at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Cancelling out of painting events was difficult but giving something that saves a life trumps anything else that is important. I did it. I am greatful that I could.Getting energy back is another issue. It takes lots of patience and a loving partner and friends.Thank you to my husband George Niederehe and dear friends Nancy Wilson and John Dickenson.Before I left for Houston in May, I tore a miniscus in my right knee. Surgery and Physical Therapy sapped my energy and preoccupied me. In time the physical stamenia and energy returned. 

October -Plein Air Moab- Painted 5 days......A workshop with Katherine Statz..........Won Seond Place in the catagory of Oil and Acrylic painting with "Two Travelers". It was a wonderful surprise. George and I spent a week in red rock country and stayed with our daughter. 


November - "Two Travelers" - Two person Show with Bonny Lundy at Gallery322

December - "Mixed Bag" - Gallery 322 - Members Group Show 
CONCLUSION........ Balance ......Career, Family, Community........continues to be my goal 

Paintings that have new homes: